Kitchen on moving in day

New home owners

Only here a month and I stop a grass fire from burning us down!

Our new friends the Fire Department!

Good-bye kitchen from 1967 - I did like the wallpaper...

Only the doorbell remains

Mud man

New plaster crown molds are a must!

Plaster install

Love my big new sink

Love our Viking Stove and hood

Close to finished

PI handles on Lyptus wood. Lyptus is a hybrid of Eucalyptus grandis and Eucalyptus urophylla from Brazil.

Cork floor and my transition to oak made with purple heart wood

Kitchen is small but better than it was

Dry rotted window boarded up

1947 shower stall

Outlet behind mirror which looked like a big Med cab but was actually a small storage space

Enamel worn off the floor tiles - tired shower door

New Tub - Duct tape protects the top through construction - Toilet up on blocks!

New valve and copper in shower stall

Wiring - note previous Med Cabinet outline behind ladder

New shower floor

Drywall and tile subsurface

New mahogany window

Skylight trimmed in african sipo

Tile going on

Table saw damage - cutting african sipo

Completed tub surround

New glass tile shower

Shower hardware

Marble shower door jamb

Ribbon mahogany door

Mahogany Med. cab, ribbon Mahogany vanity and marble countertop

Heated marble floor

As of right now, we are not taking any new jobs, and it's possible I'm calling it "QUITS". Gretchen and I are going to Washington DC for the next two years. That's a long story, but the fact is, that although I will be returning in two years, I am not sure I will be able to get back into remodeling when I get back to California. The great jobs that we have been putting together happen because of the exceptional skills and solid teamwork of all the people I have been working with over the years. Faced with starting all over again, I'm not sure I can do it. Cummings Construction has moved (yet again) and perhaps for the type of remodel that we are doing to my new home, it may be my last. I am showing the photos and progress on this site.

Maybe in a couple years, I will be back doing smaller projects, but if I end up in a completely different direction, then I wish here to say good-bye to all the great clients I have been blessed with and to all the subs and vendors who have helped me to put quality workmanship and materials to make going to work everyday fun and rewarding. For the most part it's been like that; who could ask for anything more?